A Calming Oasis Of Texture...

A Calming Oasis Of Texture...

The experimental textile art continues...

I am working on a new piece of art, a calm oasis of textures. I think we could all use a little calm in these crazy times!

I am working with a muted palette of neutrals and beautiful turquoises to form a new semi abstract piece.  I'm not entirely sure where it's going yet but the plan is for textural richness, pools of rich turquoise and blues to reflect a calm, serene image with hints of a desert oasis.

As well as being a green area in a desert, the word 'oasis' refers to as something serving as a refuge, a pleasant change from what is usual, difficult etc. This feeling of escape is what I am aiming to capture with this piece. A very different colour palette for me but I have to say I am finding the colours most soothing!

Here's a sneaky peek at part of it in progress.  Despite semi-abstract art having a 'loose' nature, It's technically a bit like a jigsaw puzzle at this stage, fitting all the strips of scrummy textures together. This part of the creative process is a bit like drafting, experimenting but once I'm happy with where it's going, stitching will begin. 

It's one of those pieces that needs daylight, that's for sure!! 

I really am enjoying the freedom of semi-abstracts and it's good to allow a piece to 'lead' you. Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and this work certainly gives me the opportunity to get really creative with so many textures and discover more! 

I will be back soon so you can see where this one is heading! My plan is to develop a collection of experimental work for those lovers of this style and I will have lots of this to show at my Kingsbridge exhibition in April 2020. 


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