A Cheeky Piece Of Art!

A Cheeky Piece Of Art!

Ha! Something you don't see every day on my art blog!!

I have finally been brave enough to reveal a little project I began at the beginning of lockdown.. and after revealing on social media, it would seem people rather like a bit of cheeky art! It really began when I created a seascape and felt it needed just a little something more.. and here it is! or should I say, there they are! Can't beat an early evening skinny dip, I'd say!! 

Cheeky Seascape By Jackie Gale Art

Let's face it, we all need a few more smiles with the year we are having!!! I confess I am desperate to feature this couple in a few more pieces.. so keep your eyes peeled! They're skinny dipping today... who knows what they'll be doing next week - could be surfing, waterskiing or maybe having a beach barbecue. Watch this space.

I've finally overcome my fear of textile flesh... who knows where this will lead! We all need a bit of fun and I'm certainly having fun thinking up a few pieces like this!! 

I'll soon be revealing the entire picture once I've finished it! I think it's high time I did a cheeky collection! What do you think??!! 


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