A Milestone For Me!

A Milestone For Me!

I have just sold my last print of 'The Ship Inn, Noss Mayo'! This is one of the prints, looking perfectly at home in this cosy cottage. One of my favourite insitu images :)

It's not the best quality image but as I say to everyone who sends me photos of my work in their home, they don't need to be magazine standard! It just always make me so happy to see them!


the Ship Inn, Jackie Gale

'The Ship Inn' was one of the first pieces I ever sold and although I'm a tad sad the edition has completely sold out, at the same time I'm delighted that all of the prints have found themselves lovely homes, including the pub itself!!

So this piece was a big part of my journey! It's interesting to look at old pieces, how  styles and colour palettes have changed and developed. Like most artists, I often look back and think how I would have done a piece differently, wonder how different it would look if I were to repeat the piece now, 9 years later. This piece I wouldn't change though, not at all. I remember the excitement of completing it, wondering if anybody would like it, the lovely comments it received at it's first show. It sold on it's first outing (The Yealmpton Show) to a couple who have gone on to become good friends as well as serious collectors of my work. All in all, a special piece and a special part of my journey as an artist. 

The Ship inn Noss Mayo By Jackie Gale Textile Art

Luckily, I live very close to this lovely pub and can pop in whenever I like (especially now we're allowed to)!!! 

This image is still available as a greeting card by the way!! (See my greeting cards section). Happy to make an exception and sell as a single card too - just get in touch :) 


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