A Pint Of Spring!!

A Pint Of Spring!!

Well it's not quite a pint but more than enough for a lightweight like me!! 

It's a beautiful day so when I closed the studio up at 5 I thought I'd have a little refreshing cold beer in the sun. Ironically, a new load of my 'Pint Of Spring' cards arrived today! 

It's not that easy working when it's so beautiful outside but the sunny hours are so long that there's still plenty to enjoy when I've finished in the studio. I'm working on a new commission (a rather large one too!) so it's keeping me pretty busy. 

Here's a close up of my beer piece - 'A Pint Of Spring'. A bit of ale based comedy themed on Spring. 

Beer Art By Jackie Gale Textile Art

I love creating these drinks pieces - and it won't be long before another appears - under wraps at the moment!! It's so nice to switch to illustrative work such as this from time to time. Each drinks piece has its own theme and capturing it is at the heart of these pieces, as well as providing a little humour!

I hope you are enjoying the amazing sunshine and maybe a beer too!! Definite holiday vibes here this evening!!

Back soon X




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