Abstracts! Something A Little Different....!

Abstracts! Something A Little Different....!

I have been intending to experiment with abstract textile art for soooo long and finally I've taken the leap! New ideas jump into my head all of the time and it's time to flex the creative muscles and give this a go! 

Abstract art is art that does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect. Textiles add another dimension to abstracts as they add a multidimensional element to this style of art.  My aim here is to use textures to interpret a place, theme or emotion and this piece is really my starting point.

It's definitely a 'marmite' style of art and not for everyone but I'm hoping to add something a little different and create an atmospheric and engaging piece of semi-abstract art that will appeal to lovers as well as non lovers of abstracts! There, I've set my challenge. 

As you can see here I've used strips of fabric and textures to create hints of the ocean.  This is very much preparatory stage and there is much texturising yet to do but you can recognise coast, loosely.  This isn't how the final piece will look! I am still playing around at the moment although I'm pretty sure the piece will give strong reference to coastline and therefore I would be correct in calling it semi-abstract rather than full on abstract art!  

Like any new projects, this one will develop as I get braver and bolder with abstract style.  Fear not, this is by no means a replacement for my usual style of textiles - just something a little different for a change. 

There is also a nostalgic element to this project in that, as a child, I would create abstract collages from recycled materials, cardboard cuttings and boxes, even grass cuttings. It's quite exciting to be revisiting this as a grown up artist and with an interested / intrigued audience! 

Watch this space! 



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