An Artist And Her Robins....

An Artist And Her Robins....

I saw a cheeky little robin perched on my frosty fence this morning and it immediately reminded me of a textile artwork I created earlier this year, 'Always Here'.  This piece was a commission for a lady who loves robins, although the image represented a deeper sentiment. We often hear the phrase 'When robins appear, loved ones are near'.  Many spiritual people believe robins to be messengers from loved ones that have passed. They are also thought to symbolise passion, honour and friendship.  They are loyal creatures and usually return to where they were born to lay their nests and raise their young.  So given these traits and spiritual meanings, it seemed most appropriate to place two robins together to represent love, loyalty and friendship as well remembering a much loved mum.

If you look closely at this piece you'll see a small subtle love heart that reinforces the message of this piece.  

Of course, despite being the nation's favourite bird, they can be rascals! Often aggressively territorial, the sole purpose of a robin's red breast is in territory defence: it is not used in courtship!!  However, we still love them and their song is beautiful. In fact, they are one of the few birds that sings all year round! Robins make us smile and of course they have become fondly associated with christmas time.  Long known as the 'robin redbreast' our familiar robin gave its name to the first postmen who wore red-jackets and became known as 'robins'. Some suggest this is the reason why robins appear on Christmas cards!


Robins feature in many of my pieces, each an individual character and often completing the story and bringing it life. As any artist would tell you, a splash of red is always a welcome addition to a piece of work too!  Needless to say, it won't be long before these red breasted beauties appear on another piece of artwork.  In fact, I have a seasonal piece in mind for my next solo exhibition featuring a couple of robins on a postbox.  Watch this space!

'Always Here' is available as a limited edition print.  Here's the link if you'd like more information!

And remember, robins are not just for christmas!! :-) 



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