Anyone For Vodka??!!

Anyone For Vodka??!!

Yes, I have finally completed a new piece of art for my Drinks Cabinet collection! 'From Russia With Love' is, as I'm sure you can guess, all about vodka!!

Here's a photo I took of it earlier, the official photo will be taken on Monday and prints to be published next week.

Vodka Art By Jackie Gale

I LOVED creating this - more fun on famous names and of course a few of my own brands, as always! I'm sure seasoned drinkers of this tipple will recognise a few!

These pieces are simply fun and designed to bring a smile. Spirits are actually a big part of many cultures and I love the peculiarities associated with each one. I've given this piece cooler tones to reflect the Eastern European association, although I like to think of all my drinks pieces as warm and welcoming images associated with celebrations, relaxation and winding down at the end of a day. Memories of the partying years perhaps!!! 

What's even more exciting about this drinks piece is that I've featured Devon's very own brand of vodka! Devon Cove Vodka is an exciting new brand to the vodka world and having tried it (and not really being my usual liquor of choice) I have to say it was delicious! I'm thrilled that Cove Vodka are as delighted with the artwork as I am. 

The original will soon be making it's way to The Mason Laurence Gallery in Dartington, ready for their relaunch on 1st July. Prints will be available both there and on my website. Keep your eyes peeled if you are interested in a print. If you'd like more info on the original, you can always email me! 

And! If you'd like to know more about Devon's delicious vodka, here's the website -


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