Art Cards Ready To Go!!

Art Cards Ready To Go!!

I've just received a lovely big delivery of my greeting cards! Yay!!! (I get very excited about such things these days!) In case you didn't know, they are now available to buy through my website and I'm delighted to say they're proving rather popular! 


Art Greeting Cards By Jackie Gale Textile Art

These jolly colourful cards are 100% recycled, including the envelope and wrapper!! They are actually created from recycled consumer waste, predominantly coffee cups. They are created from various designs from my collections and are all so bright and cheerful - probably why they've been so popular :) 

They come in assorted packs of 5 and these are the designs available.

Greeting Card Designs by Textile Artist, Jackie Gale

If you do make an order, be sure to write any preferences in the notes section and I'll pop them in. They cost £12 for a pack of 5 and no UK delivery charges during this Covid lockdown period.

Here's the link if you'd like to buy / browse

They have been quite popular as gifts too - again be sure to let me know if you would like me to gift wrap them and send them to the recipient directly. I'm very happy to do so and I'll even pop in a greeting note in my best handwriting! 

Finally, in case you didn't know this either! A complentary pack of these greeting cards is included with every order I send out at the moment - (print or original). A gift to say thank you for your support of my art, especially during this time.

I think that's it for now!! Have a great weekend and stay safe all!

Jackie X


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