Fun Quiz Time!!

Fun Quiz Time!!

Who likes an art quiz then?!! I thought it was time for a bit of quarantine fun and why not throw a competition in at the same time!!

I love a quiz! This one's all about my work - let's see how much those that know it, really know it, ha ha ha!!! Everyone that has a go will get a chance to win this bundle of art goodies in a prize draw (worth £75)  next Sunday, 26th April! 

The goodies include

- A framed print of 'Hope Cove' (12 x 13")

- Wild Summer Tote bag

- Set of five eco friendly greeting cards

Textile Art Competition - Jackie Gale, Devon Artist

Here's the link to the quiz!  -

Its all perfectly safe - no catches or hidden sign ups or annoying advertising!!

PLEASE do let me know if you completed the quiz by commenting on this blog (comment section at the end) or dropping me a line - I wouldn't want you to miss out on the opportunity to win!! 

The quiz is also on my Facebook page if you'd prefer to enter that way -

Good luck all!! This was great fun for me to do and hope you enjoy it (I did have some help from my 'little' people, which made it extra fun X

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  • A great quiz and I learnt a few things whilst doing it too.

    Tracey Friendship on

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