Art For Newlyweds!

Art For Newlyweds!

Wrapping a piece of my art for happy newlyweds always makes me smile! This was a gift for a couple who got married over the weekend in the very location you can see in this picture -  Wembuy in South Hams, Devon! 

It is of course wedding season and it's always a delight to help clients choose the perfect picture to give the happy couple. More often than not, it's of a place with special meaning but that said, there have been quite a mix of orders this year so far. When choosing becomes just too difficult, there is always the option of a gift voucher, which can be redeemed at any time during their first year of marriage! 

These have been the popular choices of 2019 so far! 

'St Ives'

'Swan Lake'

'Wild Summer' - Definitely the most popular choice of wedding gift since I created it! 

'The King And I' - One of my personal favourites for a wedding gift!! 

Limited edition prints can be mounted, framed or presented as a box canvas style. If it's possible, I try to select the edition number to match the date of the wedding - just a nice little touch! 

I am always happy to send on a client's behalf with a greeting card, including a handwritten message for the couple. 

Please do get in touch if I can help with selecting a wedding gift for you and if you are lucky enough to be attending any weddings this summer, enjoy!!



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