Arty Ramblings From France!

Arty Ramblings From France!

As a textile artist, It is impossible not to be inspired by the beautiful country of France, Brittany being my favourite part by far!  Inspiration central! The natural beauty of the Northern coastline is stunning enough but wherever I go in this country, the effortless chic style of the French just draws me in. A trip to France always invigorates my creative passion and I thought I'd share a few images of what inspired me most during our trip to Brittany.

Agapanthus! It was in extraordinary abundance this summer. Literally everywhere you look, these bold violet blooms are on proud display, gently dancing in the breeze. Followers of my art will know how much I love this flower and it has featured in many of my pieces. This was taken from my early morning coffee spot, with a perfect view of the ocean in the background. (Pentrez beach, to be precise)

I spotted this adorable little hand painted letterbox in a neighbouring garden and couldn't resist taking a photo.  A very typical sight in this region - pretty little letterboxes matching garden themes. So gorgeous and so French!

Onto the architecture! One of my favourite bits. The streets of Brittany are lined with timbered medieval houses distinctively marked by diamond and striped patterns.  Quirky shapes and features, always colourful and draped with flowers usually. They are a feast for the eyes.. well mine at least! Oh and the lace, there is always lace adorning the windows, framed with colourful shutters. These buildings date back for hundreds of years and are works of art in themselves.  I could literally stare at them for hours. 

One of my favourites in La Faou. It looks big here but its actually tiny! I guess people weren't as tall in 1700!

Typical street in Rennes. The wonkiness of the buildings couldn't be more perfect in my eyes. Simply beautiful and total inspiration. 

Seafood perhaps? Talking of feasts for the eyes - onto the food! 

These mussels are made of chocolate! I always eat moules in France but never this variety before. I discovered this amazing chocolatier in the village of Lacronon and couldn't resist indulging. 

The French just know how to eat and drink! As far as culinary desires are concerned, there are the patisseries, the seafood, the crepes, the BREAD, the wine!! That's another blog in itself! 

Hollyhocks!! Another common sight in these parts. Tall graceful and so striking.  Such happy flowers I always think!

So all in all, a wonderful experience of French style, textures, colours, landscape and flora (and food).  An inspirational recipe for a little abstract experimental work methinks. Watch this space.

Au Revoir for now! 


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