Autumn In The Art Studio!

Autumn In The Art Studio!

It's very cosy in here today!! I've brought autumn inside! 

I set up a little seasonal art display for visitors to enjoy, as well as some Japanese maple cuttings from the garden. This is the grander end of the art studio - the area free from thread, scraps of fabric and general textile art mess! The bit I keep nice for visitors!!! 

Jackie Gale Art Studio - Autumn Blog

I am so chuffed my dresser came with me from my old studio. I've had this vintage piece of furniture for years and it adds such a homely touch to my working space. 

The environment us artists work in is pretty important and I'm always inspired when I bring a bit of nature into the studio. Funnily enough, as I was setting the art up this morning, a brace of pheasants waltzed past the studio! There are so many around at the moment and not surprisingly, these frequent visitors were the inspiration behind my pheasant piece, The King And I.  

Pheasants by Jackie Gale, Textile Artist

I also have a few visitors coming in this week so a little cosy touch won't go amiss and makes the welcome even warmer.

The rain beating on the roof of my studio simply adds to the cosiness!


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