Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Textile artists love Autumn. Fact! The leaves may be a nuisance in our gardens and driveways but I can't get enough of them.  My art this week has involved much maple leaf snipping and I reckon I could probably do it with my eyes closed now.

 My garden is full of autumn inspiration at present, my favourite specimen being this gorgeous Acer,  it's dramatic colour changes never fail to please. Nature really does give us all the templates us artists need. 

Japanese Maple Textile Art Inspiration

Next I have some wonderful nostalgic observations as well as a little science by my lovely guest blogger, Nicola R Davies..

"One of my earliest memories of art classes at primary school was leaves. In the summer, so easy to find and so many interesting shapes and sizes to copy. In the winter, a holly leaf on a Christmas card or a big red autumn leaf on the front of a work book. They are so magical the way they grace our gardens and green spaces, changing so dramatically with the seasons that some disappear altogether in the winter months, some for so long that it's hard to imagine they will ever return.It's always a wonder when the leaves return, those first few hints of green buds blossoming into proper leaves. We can so easily take it all for granted, but there's a lot of science going on in those bits of greenery, lots of processes to comprehend. That leaves can make the sugars that form the basis of both plant and animal life from the sun's radiant energy is something taught to us at an early age.  Even if we didn't grasp all the details, we did enjoy pressing a dried oak leaf into our school books in autumn. Chlorophyll production wanes with the shortening days, losing its monopoly so that other pigments like tannins and carotenes revealing browns and yellows can have their moment.  In some years it does seem like a moment, as just as this bounty of colour emerges, storms ravage our trees, stripping away the gold, the red, the orange, all over our streets ans gardens. Those things of beauty become a nuisance as they pile up in great mounds in our borders, blocking drains and delaying trains.

Only briefly can we enjoy the colour and crunchiness so relish this season with its colourful rustle as it may not last long!!"

Now back to creating my own Japanese maple tree, along with a couple of pheasants for company...



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