Back On The Saddle!!

Back On The Saddle!!

I am finally back in the art studio!!!!

A very belated happy new year to you all!! I took a little longer to get back into the studio than expected! Well, its all been a little unsettling for us all really but here we are back in lockdown and what else is there for me to do - create art!!! I am SO lucky to have a creative world to escape to. 

Today was my first day back and I decided to dabble with Dartmoor, following a few recently walks, plus a few florals. Two of the things I love. A good place to start!

Dartmoor Textile Art by Jackie Gale


This is a very small piece of a larger piece I'm working on.... just one of the pieces in fact. I went a bit crazy on my first day back. This was inspired by the beautiful moorlands. A landscape brimming with texture and never more so than in the middle of winter. In order to capture those textures, I dabble with a bit of paint this time. Pure mixed media - textiles and paint. It worked a treat and I'm delighted with the result.

As much as I love coastal work, I find I'm more drawn inland for winter work. If you feel it create it - my 2021 mantra. 


Dartmoor Tree By Jackie Gale, Textile Artists


I love this photo - the light was perfect! This image for me reflects the beautiful landscape perfectly - the vastness, the solitude, the peace. It was a perfect afternoon near Sheepstor.  I came away invigorated and inspired. We all had a such a lovely happy time.  I know many people enjoy my artwork as it evokes special memories for them but quite often my own personal memories and experiences inspire my work and this is one of those occasions. 

As much as I love the coast, I have a special connection with Dartmoor and have done so for many years.  I've decided to create a few special little pieces over the next few weeks, inspired by this beautiful Devon landscape. 

I have a rather large to do list and a lot of time on my hands! Watch this space!!!!! 

As far as ordering work from my website goes - it's business as usual! You can order via my website or get in touch with any enquiries. 

Stay safe and please do keep in touch!


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