Beach Candy!!

Beach Candy!!

Have you ever wondered what sand looks like through a micro-lens? It's actually quite mind-blowing! 

Seems strange thinking of the beach on such a wintry day BUT I actually love the beach in winter. A good dose of frost seems to bring the colours and structures of the beach alive in my mind and this morning's brisk walk reminded me of an image I often share when I visit schools to talk about nature's textures. 


Beach Candy - Sand Blog By Jackie Gale Textile Art


This is sand magnified by 300 times. Isn't it beautiful! To think each and every grain of sand is unique and just imagine how many millions there are on the planet! There's a thought!

These beautiful shapes and textures fascinate me and it proves that Mother Nature is a fellow lover of hidden detail. Nature provides me with so much inspiration, wherever I may be but to think what we actually see is nowhere near the entire story. 

Sand under a microscope - Jackie Gale Artist

This glorious beach candy, as I call it, always fascinates young budding artists as it does me.  It's often a wonderful starting point when planning a textile art project and an amazing insight into nature's shape formations. An example of how so many colours and shapes work together effortlessly and that we should never try and overthink co-ordination. Random can be quite charming in itself. 

As many of you know, I'm a lover of detail in my work- both visible and hidden. Creating an experience of discovery in my work is something I continually aspire to and I just love it when something new is discovered in an artwork thats been hanging in a home for months. 

So next time you're walking across a beautiful sandy beach, remember you're actually walking on a great big sweetie jar!! There really is beauty all around us, even if not visible to the naked eye.

Photos courtesy of Intelligent Living 


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