Beautiful Blueness!!

Beautiful Blueness!!

My art studio is a sea of blueness and I love it! This scrummy bundle is for my next ocean themed piece and I cannot wait to dive in!


Blue Fabric Art Materials - Jackie Gale Artist


Sourcing materials is a big part of the creative process and as I'm hunting and gathering I'm continually visualising and developing the artwork plan in my head. Often this is where the process starts.. sketching and proper planning often follow in this order. These blues simply scream ocean to me and that is what they will become! 

Blue is by far my favourite colour to work with. It features somewhere in every piece I create. The colour of the sea and sky, blue is good for us! It is considered beneficial to the mind and body by slowing human metabolism (allegedly!) and producing a calming effect. Perhaps this is why I love working with it so much.  It simply makes me feel good, especially on a dull and dreary Devon day!

I have a lot of blue in my home and I guess thats really down to the influence of the nearby coastline as well as a family of ocean lovers! (including Percy the cockapoo!)


Wave Art By Textile Artist Jackie Gale


'Wave Of The Day' is one of my recent ocean themed pieces. I used a similar colour palette of rich vibrant blues to create a wave barrel. This one is quite diddy at 14 x 16".  I'm going much bigger scale this time! 

My next exhibition, Fusion,  will feature lots of coastal themed work and my co-exhibitor, Shirley Kirkcaldy has some stunning seascapes in progress too. Please see my Exhibitions page for more details. 

Watch out for sneaky peeks coming soon :) 


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