Big Commission! Big Mood Board!

Big Commission! Big Mood Board!

I recently began a rather large commissioned textile art piece and as you can see my studio has become one large mood board! The most essential part of the commission process is the mood board, or in this case, my mood studio! 

A lot of research goes into a commissioned piece of art and I have been supplied with many images, anecdotes as well as lots of information, maps etc. You never have too much! 

Familiarity is the key and I have been studying these images for so long I feel I know the place extremely well! It's Cape Town in South Africa. 

Once the mood board is compiled, sketching begins followed by the search for materials!!! Then the REAL fun begins! The artwork! 

So I may go quiet for some time while I work on this - there may be snippets and sneaky peeks along the way. Loving recreating this stunning part of the world in textiles. I've even sourced some South African fabrics to add a little authenticity to the piece. 

I do around 5-6 commissions per year depending on my exhibition commitments, so if you're interested in commissioning me to recreate something or somewhere special to you, please give me plenty of notice! Almost always, these are special gifts for special birthdays and nearly always a surprise. This really makes the piece just as exciting for me as those receiving it. 

Watch this space. More to come soon...

By the way, those of you eagerly awaiting my new abstract piece - not long now!! It's at the framers and should be finished tomorrow :) 


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