Blogging From The Med!!

Blogging From The Med!!

It's a first!!. Writing an art blog overseas. 

I usually wait until I return to report all of the newfound inspiration and beautiful scenery I encounter during a trip. This time I decided to share my inspiration with you while I'm actually here!

Blogging is a bit like writing a diary and if a place inspires me, which so many do, I take notes, photographs (lots) and sketch, if and when the opportunity arises. 

I'm in the beautiful island of Corfu.  Kassiopi, in the North, to be precise. The sun is shining and the ocean is crystal clear. It's the wonderful fauna that captures me the most. The olive trees, the succulents and the stunning bougainvillea which is just everywhere. (pictured below). 

Mediterranean heaven. In fact it struck me that there isn't enough mediterranean in my World collection. This, I must rectify!

The colours here are wonderful and I can see a vibrant flower filled scene already with a backdrop of the ocean and mountains. Lemon trees, olive groves, urns crammed with herbs and lots of fishing boats. We have been lucky enough to have a constant supply of fresh fish from the lovely local fisherman who anchor up just by us each evening, loaded with a fresh catch. 

Two beautiful views which I am loving each day. 

I am here with my family celebrating a big birthday. Lots of exploring, swimming, snorkelling and indulging in Greek hospitality means there is little time for sketching but if the opportunity arises, I will get the pencils out. 

Spending time with my gang is what this holiday is all about. Of course, the artist in me is always on standby for new inspiration and I thought I would share this beautiful place with you as the next time it appears in my blog, it may well be as a piece of textile art. 

I'll be back to work in my studio on 29th October!

See you soon

Jackie :) 


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