Boxing Clever With Textile Art!

Boxing Clever With Textile Art!

Did you know my art prints are also available in box canvas? Many people ask me about box canvas prints so I thought I'd do a little blog piece about this modern style of artwork.

Box canvas prints are not framed, instead they are stretched around a box frame which can hang directly onto a wall.  The same superior 'Giclee' printing process is used to produce the prints and this ensures the colours will not fade, even in direct sunlight! 

 This is 'Wild Summer' - a very popular box canvas print!

This is a contemporary look that some people prefer although traditional prints are proving just as popular! Ultimately, the decision is based on which style is more likely to suit your home.  This modern style is often more suited to modern homes although a mixture of print styles can look just as good.

The prints are signed on the image and numbered in the same way as paper prints. Due to the frames being handmade, the cost is a little higher than a framed print. 

One of my latest pieces, 'The Gin Game'.

One of the advantages of a box canvas style print is that the size can be customised according to your requirements. My lovely framer will always be happy to accommodate! 

For more information please feel free to drop me a line.  All of the art prints on my website are available in this style and as always, UK delivery is free.

As they say, variety is the spice of life!


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