Brand New Abstract!!

Brand New Abstract!!

Lovers of the ocean! I am absolutely thrilled to reveal my first semi-abstract piece, 'Drift'. This piece is pure texture. Lots and lots of layers of scrummy texture you simply want to touch. My depiction of our beautiful vast ocean and the textures I associate with it. I couldn't be happier it and is just how I imagined and wished it to be.

I've been yearning to try abstracts for some time and the response to this piece has been wonderful. In fact, this piece is making it's way to a new home this very morning and I as much as I don't want to say goodbye to it, I am delighted that it sold so soon. 

Here it is freshly framed and below are a few close ups of the textures..

This piece measures 42 x 19" and is a perfect size to create the impact this subject needed.  It is actually glazed too but in a non reflective, anti UV glass - this allows the texture to be seen with no glare and almost touch the image.

I am definitely going to create more abstracts - the response to this piece was incredible and now I can really get to work on all those new ideas in my head. There are so many and I can't wait!! Textures are all around us - the entire universe is made up of them and when I say I see inspiration everywhere I go, I really mean it. I'm drawn to texture and anything, any place, any occasion can be interpreted with textures.  

I will keep blogging new work in progress so you can keep up!! If you are on social media, you can also follow me on Facebook and instagram for even more updates!



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