Busy Workbench!

Busy Workbench!

Whoever said blues and greens should never be seen?? No artist, ever!!

This is my busy art bench on this rainy Monday morning! As you can see I'm working on two pieces - one is a surprise commissioned seascape and the other, an abstract I'm dabbling with.

Bright happy blues and greens - my favourite colour combo. We've all heard the phrase 'blue and green should never be seen' - well I break this so called rule constantly. Look at nature - blue sky, blue sea, green hills, grass, fauna.  We see this colour combination every day, wherever we are.  The shades vary all over the world but they are always there. Cheerful happy colours and definitely very welcome on a rainy day like today! It's nice and cosy in the studio so I'm not complaining at all! 

As you can see from the colours in the art on display, this combination forms the basis of much of my artwork. 

Working on two pieces of art simultaneously is something I often find myself doing... one piece can often influence another, especially when working in similar colour schemes. Multitasking is something I've mastered over the years! 

I've a feeling there's a busy week ahead and these two will be finished by the end of the week - watch this creative space! 


  • wow i really like that mixture of blues and greens !

    beca on
  • wow i rly like that mixture of blus and greens !

    beca on

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