Cape Town Art Finally Revealed!!

Cape Town Art Finally Revealed!!

I really don't know how I've managed to keep this piece under wraps for so long!! This piece seriously flexed the creative muscles and took me on quite a textile art adventure!

Cape Town, South Africa. An amazing part of the world, captured in textile art. This diverse city has it all - stunning wildlife, incredible landmarks, magnificent beaches, wine farms, glorious flora and fauna, botanical gardens.... the list really is endless. 

This piece of work captures many of the above as well as so many memories for a family who have spent years visiting the beautiful Cape. The original of 'Cape Memories' was a commissioned for a lady celebrating a special birthday as well as a reminder of all of those special times spent there. 

Cape Town by Textile Artist, Jackie Gale

I loved learning about this city and country, it's culture and landscape as well as sourcing the right materials to capture it's many beautiful colours and textures.  This was a dream piece to create, filled with narrative, wildlife and joy.  

This is one of those pieces that invites the viewer to 'travel around' the scene and enjoy the intricate, quirky detail, as well as an abundance of textural richness. To add a little authenticity, I even sourced some South African fabric, which features in the botanical garden. 

There is no denying this piece certainly had it's challenging moments but I'm delighted with the end result!

'Cape Memories' has been published as a limited edition print - a small edition of 50 prints. You will find this in my 'World' collection - here's a shortcut to the page

Needless to say, I'm itching to do another city now! The question is, which one!!!???






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