Champers In Progress!

Champers In Progress!

Today I am working on the the latest addition to my drinks collection! 'Champers'!!! Pleased to say its coming along rather nicely.  Famous bottles of champagne recreated in textile art, as well as a few of my own designs! Expect lots of bling, sparkle and a little retro nostalgia! Moet and Chandon, Dom Perignon and Mumm's are just a few of the bottles you will recognise. I'm even throwing my own version of Babycham in! 

Champagne is of course associated with celebration and that's exactly what I want this piece to scream of! One of the great things about this work is what I learn during the creative process. For example, did you know that Champagne has 49 million bubbles in one bottle!!?? More fascinating facts to come!

Cork is fairly key in the Champagne business and luckily I managed to source a fantastic piece of leather cork filled with gold sparkles which makes a perfect background for this opulent piece. As I say over and over, it's all about the detail! 

The bottles are in place, the composition is set and very soon it will be time to put the labels on - that's where the fun begins!! I will keep the names a secret until the big reveal which hopefully won't be far away. 

I hadn't anticipated creating a drinks collection but they are proving rather popular and the work is just such fun.  I am simply going with the flow (excuse the pun) and the more I create, the more I want to create another! There's certainly no lack of inspiration.  People are pouring their ideas in (again, excuse the pun) and I'm loving the enthusiasm.  

This style of work gives me an opportunity to get really creative and show my quirkier style as well as go crazy with textures.  It won't be long before I'm popping the cork to celebrate completing this one - I'm very happy with it so far!

To see my drinks cabinet work to date, check out the collection - here's the link.  There are limited edition prints available including box canvas versions. 



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