Champers!! Latest Textile Artwork!

Champers!! Latest Textile Artwork!

My latest and very sparkly addition to the drinks collection!! My latest textile artwork is 'Champers'!! 

Who doesn't love a glass of Champagne!!?? This opulent party-time piece is filled with sparkle and dazzle and a few bottles you may recognise.  Of course I've created a few brands of my own too! Champagne is an iconic image of celebration, happiness and smiles and this piece is certainly designed to bring a few smiles. I've even added a bit of cockney slang to the mix here....!  Wondering if you can spot it!! Sparkly cork leather made the perfect background and I raided my stash of treasures to make each bottle sparkle.

This booze work is becoming addictive!  I love the creativity and playing with well known iconic bottles of fizz.  Babycham or should I say Baby Champ is my nostalgic addition of course, even retro perhaps!! Complete with a strawberries and champagne flutes, this original is all ready for a new home! It measures 30 x 30" and I went for a super special frame on this one! I moved away from my signature white chunky wooden frame and went for a gold speckled frosty frame which works absolutely perfectly.  

There are also limited edition prints available including a box canvas option. there are 95 prints in this edition. Here's the link for more details..

So I've now done gin, rum and champagne!  Maybe a little break from drinks is in order but I don't think it will be too long before you see Whisky appearing..... notes are being made! 


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