Chicago - A Textile Art Cityscape!

Chicago - A Textile Art Cityscape!

My latest cityscape! I decided to recreate the impressive towers of lakeside Chicago with vibrant colour and pattern! I love vintage prints and this piece gave me the opportunity to showcase a few favourites (including my stash of vintage Liberty remnants).  No city should look dull even if it is!! They are full of people, working, touring, living and full of stories, history, culture. So much to capture and this makes my work so interesting and challenging.

'Chicago' is part of my 'Show Time' collection and it sent me on a mission to interpret this city in my own style. The musical itself was set in the jazz age and is based on a 1926 play of the same name about a reporter and the crimes and criminals she reported on.  A story of corruption and the concept of the ‘celebrity criminal’.  Rather than focus on the gangsters, I’ve tried to capture a cosmopolitan lakeside city known for its amazing architecture and impressive towers. 

Here is the complete piece...

I felt compelled to add a hot air balloon - my way of adding a bit of sunshine and glee.  I have briefly visited this city and remember it's upbeat ambience and vibrancy very well.  

I love recreating cities - many more like this to come! Whenever I visit a new place, especially cities, I immediately feel inspired to recreate it.  Every place has it's own ambience, colours and stories and capturing these elements can only really be achieved when I have experienced a place for myself.  Great excuse to explore!

This piece is now available as a limited edition print if you fancy a colour pop in your home. Please see my 'Show Time' collection - here's the


The original is also available - please drop me an email if you are tempted.


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