Christmas Card Artwork!

Christmas Card Artwork!

And here it is!! 'Home For Christmas' is this year's Christmas card design!

(Apologies for mentioning the 'C' word in October, but I know some of you are super organised!)

This image was simply inspired by my joy of Christmas time and textile art becomes great fun once you get a bit of snow involved!  

Here is a warm inviting festive family home surrounded by a blanket of snow. As I get a little older, the more important this time of year becomes to me - a time when the family get together, the students come home, grandparents visit, work grinds to a halt and everybody enjoys some precious time together. 

It was essential that the family dog appeared (my cockapoo, Percy) as well as the cheeky robin.  No christmas card is complete without a robin redbreast!  

It is, of course, quite unusual for snow to arrive in December these days, but one can always dream of a white christmas. This was such a fun piece to create and one of those images I could step into, scoop up some snow and have some fun. Although raiding my stash of velvet to create the snow was also rather good fun!

I know so many people who love to receive a christmas card and thats why I continue to create them. Very often, it's the only time we actually sit and write to old  friends and relatives we rarely see.   A job I don't exactly relish but one I know is always hugely appreciated.

These 6" square greeting cards come in packs of 6 (with envelopes)  and are priced at £12 including UK delivery.

Here's the direct link if you'd like to consider purchasing a pack or two!







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