Cityscape Textile Art Underway....

Cityscape Textile Art Underway....

Today sees a big pop of colour on the workbench. This mahoosive piece of textile art is the beginnings of a cityscape.  A colourful city called New York in fact! This piece will be part of the collection for my Theatre Royal exhibition in December,  'Show Time'!  Each piece will be named after a famous musical and this one is 42nd Street.  I'm not giving too much away about the collection but I think its only fair to give a teaser or two out over the next few months.

This piece will be full of glitz and glamour, vibrant colour and creativity.  42nd Street is buzzing with theatres, shows and parties.  To reflect this cosmopolitan feel, I've gathered treasures of fabrics, glittering sparkles, silky velvets and funky patterns.  There is so much to get into this one and I'm loving every minute of it.  

This has to be the most exciting project I've undertaken to date and the creative challenges are certainly keeping life interesting. I'm going to make this collection fun, full of vibrant colour with lots of storytelling. December is a fabulous time to be exhibiting as there'll festivity everywhere.  I'm hoping to add to the colour and sparkle of the Theatre royal and 42nd Street is certainly a good place to start!

'Show Time' opens on the 8th December at the Theatre Royal in Plymouth and runs until 25th January 2019.

Look out for further details on the show over the next few weeks as well as information about 'Meet The Artist' dates and plans.  I will also be doing a talk about my work for this show during the exhibition.  It's going to be a busy few weeks especially with Christmas happening half way through! 

I'll also keep posting the teasers and sneaky peeks of what's to come!  



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