Saving The Planet!

Saving The Planet!

I am super proud that all of my greeting cards are now made from used coffee cups and consumer waste, thanks to the amazing Eco Friendly Card company in Devon.

!For the first time ever in the greeting card industry, they are now creating cards made from 100% recycled board, comprising of consumer waste and used coffee cups!  They have worked so hard to achieve this and their pioneering efforts to reduce waste will no doubt influence the entire greeting card industry.

There are many people who no longer choose to send cards in order to be more eco friendly and reduce paper use / waste. Choosing and buying eco friendly cards takes away this concern and also supports us artists by promoting our work. 

I am so happy to be part of their journey to help save trees, reduce waste and help to save the planet. 



To find out more information and details of how and where to buy, here's the link

They stock a wonderful range of greeting cards and I really can't rate this company enough, not only for their excellent range of products but their admirable work to create the best products they can to help the environment. 



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