Complete!! A Day In May!!

Complete!! A Day In May!!

My latest piece is complete!! Presenting my latest floral, 'A Day In May'!!

A Day In May by Jackie Gale Textile Art, Devon ArtistThe sweet blooms of Spring, recreated in textile art.  You can almost smell the sweetness of these flowers and the fresh vibrant colour palette of May. 

There are bluebells intertwined with cheeky red campions (never know why they're called red as they always look pink to me!) and a carpet of butter yellow primroses for companions.  Peonies take centre stage (my favourite flower) and I realised during this creative process, that I've never created peonies before! That probably explains why they took me so long!

To add some life, there has to be wildlife! As usual, these come in the form of a couple of fluttering red admirals.  

A snapshot of the great outdoors in Spring and another celebration of the beauties that Mother Nature puts our way at this time of year, without fail! 

As artists, we are always conscious of colour blending and there are tools / guides to help us as well as our artistic eyes and personal preferences. However, we often overlook the best guide of all - nature. Wild flowers.  There is no better way to see how colours combine so naturally and it is impossible to go wrong with this reference at our fingertips!

Followers of my work will recognise a familiar colour combination here! The more florals I create, the more I am starting to see colour patterns arise.  The hues of this piece are very similar to many of my Spring / Summer florals and the great thing about this is they work so well when displayed together.  It's clearly a subconscious creative habit I am now developing - I automatically reach for certain colours and textures when working on a particular season and this was no exception! 

This limited edition print is now available to buy (the original is sold) and here's the link if you'd like more details.


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