Creative Lockdown...

Creative Lockdown...

Like many artists I know, productivity has taken a little dip of late, despite best intentions! Like you, I'm adjusting to a new way of living and working for a while and of course, its not always easy to create when your mind is working overtime! Worrying for family and friends near and far, not to mention the challenge of schooling 'supervision'!! 

I am, however, incredibly lucky to have a studio to retreat to when I can, my family is safe and well and there are amazing people out there on the frontline working round the clock to keep us safe.  I'm feeling incredibly grateful for many things.

Yesterday I received these photos from a lovely client and the timing was perfect - there is nothing quite so motivating as seeing your work in people's homes. Perhaps now is the perfect time to send an artist whose work you love and admire, a photo of their work in your home.  I know there are many struggling to create at the moment and such gestures just may help them get back on the saddle, so to speak. 


Gin Art By Jackie Gale - Client Homes

Jackie Gale Abstract Artwork


This one was photographed before the wall had finished being decorated! Still, I wanted to post it here as it's clearly displayed in the heart of the home and that means the world to us artists.

Today I have been in work mode, even if it was to do my annual stocktake!  It was great to be in the studio and I'm now itching to get some unfinished creations finished! Keep your eyes peeled. 



As far as a routine goes, things are taking shape. Seeing as my kids don't tend to surface until later in the morning, (during the holidays I should add) the small early hours are my window of creativity!! I have plenty to keep me busy and as always a bank of ideas in my head and on my mood board so work has by no means dried up... just a little slower than usual! I'm also very grateful for the number of orders I have received recently - clearly people are still looking to buy art, perhaps to cheer them up or simply treat themselves or loved ones living away. If a piece of art helps, I am delighted to provide! 

Of course there's also the thought that on such rare occasions in life, a perfect opportunity to experiment does present itself.  This extraordinary amount of time does have positives, despite the dreadful circumstances. I can play around with new ideas, make mistakes you'll never know about (ha ha) and look closer on my doorstep for things I may never have noticed before! So, its almost time for me to get and there and take a look!

In the meantime, please all stay safe and at home. 

Back soon X


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