Decisions, Decisions!!

Decisions, Decisions!!

When it comes to purchasing my textile art prints, customers occasionally prefer something a little different to the white wood which I offer as standard. (pictured below).

I choose this style for it's neutral tone and also the fact that a white frame makes the colours in my work really stand out. However, it's not necessarily the right choice for everyone. There are endless alternatives if you prefer a different look or style to suit your home. It may be that much of your existing artwork is framed in a certain style and you'd prefer to keep the frames consistent.

I have included below some of the more popular styles people generally choose as an alternative. The decision is often influenced by the subject matter, for example, Burgh Island and similar coastal images can look particularly good in a driftwood style. Champagne looks particularly good in gold as it suits the flavour of the piece perfectly! 

This is 'Hope Cove' in a solid oak frame, chosen to suit a modern decor with lots of oak furniture. 

'Burgh Island Flowers' in a lovely driftwood style (one of my favourites)

This is a mini version of 'Champers' but you get the idea....  Apparently gold frames are very much in vogue at the moment by the way!!

Of course you can always ditch the frame idea altogether and opt for a box canvas option! These are printed to the same high quality as normal prints and then stretched around a box frame. An ultra modern look which many people choose, particularly if they have a contemporary style home.

Multiple choice!! I've only shown you a few - there are more and of course the best thing to do is get in touch so we can discuss alternatives. There is normally an extra charge depending on the frame you choose of course. This can range from £10 up to £75 and of course is dependent on how extravagant you go!

If you're nearby I do have framing samples, otherwise I can organise photos of alternative ideas. My framer is very creative and excellent at choosing frames to match artwork so he will often make suggestions too. The most important thing is that you're happy that the artwork looks its best and suits your home or in some cases the home of somebody you are buying the print for! 

Please do get in touch if you'd like to discuss more. You can email me on or through the contact form on my website

I use the fabulous framing team at Artframe Solution in Plymouth - feel free to browse through their site for ideas or even better, pop in if you're local. Here's their website



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