Devon Heaven!

Devon Heaven!

As an artist lucky enough to live in South Devon, it is no surprise that I have created  many artworks of this glorious county. Devon, or Devonshire, as it is otherwise known, has much to offer any artist!! In fact, it has much to offer anyone - it is a beautiful big county filled with unspoilt coast and countryside, harbours, gardens, folklore, history and of course, cream teas!

Of course, it's a large county to work my way around, so the only way to start was with my personal favourites.  This collection is one which will continue to grow and I love the challenge of recreating a place in my own unique style.  I use my own photographs, memories and experience of a place in order to fully tell it's story. It also gives me a great excuse to visit and revisit places that I think will work well in this medium.

I'm not sure whether this would be classed as Devon or Cornwall but it was an essential addition to the SouthWest Showcase! My own version of Brunel Bridge with a nostalgic steam train! Admittedly this image features more of Cornwall than Devon but its an iconic image of the country that people know and love so much. 

You may have guessed that Burgh Island is a strong favourite, I've recreated it three times! Three different ways!  I'm always interested in places people love around the county, and why! Please let me know your ideas if there is somewhere you'd love to see portrayed in textile art. 

Not every piece is pictured here - there are more! If you'd like to see the complete collection, here's the link to the SouthWest Showcase on my website.

All of the pieces are available as limited edition prints and there are originals available too. 


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