I have always loved creating pieces of art that one can just lose themselves in... this is one of those pieces. 

'The Knowing Sea I' is a textile artwork, abstract in style, rich in depth and colour and filled with so much texture. I like to think of this as a hideaway beach, a place to escape to, anytime you wish. Your very own private beach, in fact.

Ocean Textile Art By Jackie Gale


It is quite hard to capture the textures in a photograph and this piece really is all about texture. Here's an idea of the richness and depth of the work. 


Beach Textile Art - Textures By Jackie Gale, Devon Artist


I created this piece shortly after our national Covid lockdown ended and I was really reflecting on how many people had missed their annual holidays or even day trips to their favourite beaches. I am so fortunate to live close to the coast but sadly not everyone is so lucky and I know how many people desperately missed spending time by the sea. This was very much in my mind while creating this piece, as well as it's sister piece, 'The Knowing Sea II'. 

This piece is rather large, measuring 42 x 28"!  They had to be big!! Work like this needs scale and depth and I am so happy I went as big as I did!! The overall result was exactly what I had hoped to achieve.  A piece to journey into... pause and enjoy. 


Jackie Gale Textile Artist, South Hams, Devon

Here they both are, fresh from the framing workshop!!

The Knowing Sea I and II are available to buy. They are currently on display at the Mason Laurence Gallery in Dartington, Devon. I would definitely recommend seeing them in the flesh but if you are interested in owning your own piece of ocean and live further afield, delivery can always be arranged. Of course. 

It really isn't often that I say this but I may have to create one just for myself!


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