Feeling Beachy...

Feeling Beachy...

As you can see I've returned to some semi abstract beach work. A place I love to be!

I've been working on these for a while now and in fact they were earmarked for my show at Harbour House last May. They went on the back burner when the show was cancelled but I thought I'd get them out and get cracking on them again. 

Yes, they are rather large! 

Beach Abstract Work By Jackie Gale Textile ArtistI love this style of work. It's so loose and limitless -  I can really go crazy with texture and that's work this style is all about. Pure texture. They are rather mahoosize but again I feel these pieces need to be. Semi abstract or abstract work for me, works better on a larger scale. 

Beaches are brimming with texture and it's a place we feel. The sand beneath our feet, the water on our bodies, the foam rippling through our toes. Its such a tactile experience and this is what I always aim to interpret and convey when I create pieces likes this.  

Texture By Jackie Gale

Of course, beach combing is an essential part of this creative process. In fact I'm heading over to the beach this very afternoon to see what goodies are lying in wait! Not a bad part of the job!

I am planning on exhibiting these pieces in October at the 'Into The Light' charity exhibition in Plymouth. If you look at my previous posts you'll find the details. In fact, its on my exhibition page too! 



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