Feeling Flowery...

Feeling Flowery...

Perhaps it's because I know Spring is coming but the urge to do some floral art took over today! In fact, I spotted some as I was out walking earlier as well as some beautiful fresh snowdrops in the woods.

So my first floral for some time! Sweet Narcissi!


Narcissi by Jackie Gale


This piece has sold but I plan to do many more! I am actually creating for a Spring exhibition at the moment but I just love doing these diddy pieces so I'll be revealing one (maybe 2!) each Friday. I will post it on here as well as my social media so do keep your eyes peeled! 

I think I'll keep going with the lovely season of Spring for now... in fact, I think snowdrops could be coming soon. Spotted these beauties just yards from my home this morning..

snowdrops in the woods - Jackie Gale, Devon Artist


I love these beauties. A sign that no matter what is going on in the world right now, its business as usual for Mother Nature. One thing we can always depend on. Pure fresh splashes of joy throughout our local woods. 

Back to the workbench for me - I've work to do!!! 


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