First Artwork Of 2019!!

First Artwork Of 2019!!

It seems to have taken an age but I have finally finished my first piece for 2019!

The 'Rum Bar' is now open!!!!  This bar features a few recognisable favourites plus a few of my own brands! It's all about fun fun fun!! !!! I love working on pieces like this although the detail does take time and I am becoming more and more of a perfectionist! The dreadlocks are definitely a first and the budgie was a little challenging but I am delighted with the result!

Inspired by rum stories, the Caribbean and of course all of the wonderful artisan drinks bottles we see everywhere nowadays. I have of course indulged in the odd glass of rum myself and I do love a rich dark rum and coke. 

The wood panel background created the perfect setting....   a rustic wooden rum shack on a Caribbean island perhaps.... 

This type of work lends itself perfectly to textiles. The tactile details, trimmings, metallics are just a few of the ways you can bring another dimension to a piece of art.

This piece is currently at the printers, about to be published a limited edition print.  They'll be available to purchase from the website very soon! The original is also available to purchase for £995 - it measures 27 x 27".  Please email / message me with any enquiries.


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