Going Big!

Going Big!

I managed to squeeze a couple of hours in the art studio this weekend! Yay! 

Working on a mahoosive wave and as you can see I've had to resort to my back up workbench - the floor!! Sometimes the work simply outgrows my bench and this is one of those times.


Wave Artwork In Progress - Jackie Gale

Excuse the mess!! There's usually a trail of thread and fabric behind me, on me and just about everywhere else! 

Loving working on this ocean piece. Labour intensive work but always worth it. 


wave work by jackie gale

It looks positively tiny next to my sewing machine here!! Great to go big scale sometimes.. really capture that wave movement and the swirl of colour. Textiles work so well for coastal work as so much depth can be created with the right use of light reflective materials. I'm never happy until I can see it move!

'Big Break' is well underway.. reckon I've got another week to go. Watch this space! 


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