Hail The Cab!

Hail The Cab!

An image of New York would not be complete without the classic yellow cab! It's not the first time I've featured taxis in my artwork of course. You may recall a black cab driving over Tower Bridge in my 'London' piece.

Taxis tell a story which is the very reason I include them in my city images.  I'm delighted to share this wonderful and thought provoking piece about taxis, written by todays guest blogger, Nicola R Davies. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. It certainly gives you something to think about on your next taxi ride!

"Heard shouted out in our towns and cities, sometimes we might have hailed one with a laugh and a slight stagger having wandered out of a bar or restaurant a little dishevelled, a little tired, relieved to be slumped in our seats and whisked home. And where are all those other taxis going? Maybe families off to the airport; tourists seeing the sights; people on business flitting between clients.
In some cities, every taxi has a similar look such as the yellow cabs of New York so that as our stay there progresses, they become a familiar part of our environment, part of one big system, yet each carrying their individual stories.
Taxi drivers are one of those 'seen and heard it all' kind of communities. The driver takes their degree in the university of life with a guarantee of first class honours. No certificate on a wall or photo wearing mortar board and gown, rolled up certificate clutched proudly under arm. Their dissertations and essays are carried in the taxi drivers' head, the memories of people who come and go, come and go. Always different shapes and sizes; different reasons to be travelling. And yet they are all the same, they are all going somewhere, and it could be almost anywhere. Imagine being in your car and someone jumps in and until they tell you, you have no idea where you are going to be next. I wonder if that stays interesting, or does it become unsettling, too challenging, or, with familiarity over time, just another journey along another road with another person?
Whether we see them as cluttering up our roads, driving just that little bit too confidently, irritatingly knowledgeable of all those rat runs, short cuts and less congested roads at certain times of the day, or as an asset to our clogged up cities, enabling people to manage without a car, to get home safely after a few beers, taxis are part of the traffic, part of one of the dynamic flows in our modern society, helping to connect the sheer busyness of it all."



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