Happy Art, Happy Home!

Happy Art, Happy Home!

I was very happy to see '42nd Street' original settled in its new home over the weekend.  I was even happier to see I was sharing the room with one of my art heroes, Fred Yates! I have always loved Fred's unique work and love the fact that mine is often compared to his style. Fred's work is highly sought after and to see one of his original paintings was a treat. 

I can't deny it was a slight wrench to say goodbye to my New York piece! When you work for weeks (months in this case) you do get rather attached to a piece of work.  However, it looked like it truly belongs in this space and I know how much it will be enjoyed for years to come.  This is what makes us artists extremely happy.  Besides, the solution of course is to get on and create more! 

There are limited edition Giclee prints available of this piece.  Here's the link if you'd like more info



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