Happy Blues In Textile Art!

Happy Blues In Textile Art!

I've been sorting out my blues! Here is just a small sample of my collection of blues. Many shades and textures just waiting for the right picture to feature in! Just about every piece of textile art I create features this beautiful colour, either as a sky or water.  Within these fabrics, I see lakes, oceans, rivers and of course a glorious sunny sky. 

Having done a little research, I discovered the colour blue has more complex and contradictory meanings than any other colour. 

A few facts on the colour blue!

Blue is our no.1 favourite colour! 

In America to feel blue is to feel low and depressed, yet in Germany, it means to be drunk and in Russia, it means to be homosexual! 

Blue is for a baby girl and pink for a baby girl in Belgium!

Dark blue is the colour of mourning in Korea.

Greeks believe blue wards off evil.

53% of the world's flags contain the colour blue. 

Blue is often used to decorate offices as research has proven people are more productive in blue rooms.

My art is designed to bring a smile, a happy memory or a brief escape.  These glorious blues are the basis of all of my work and make any scene or theme complete.  I have more blues than any other colours and I still spend my time searching for more.  In the meantime, I have to choose a lake for my swans and I am spoilt for choice!! 

Blue textiles


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