Happy St Piran's Day!! My Love Of Cornwall!

Happy St Piran's Day!! My Love Of Cornwall!

Happy St Piran's Day everyone!! If you're a fellow lover of Cornwall you'll know today is the national day of this beautiful county and the day is named after St Piran, the patron saint of Cornwall and also of tin miners!

If you take a visit to my SouthWest Spectacular art collection, you will see I've recreated many spots in Cornwall.  

There is so much to love about the place! The dramatic coastline which spans 300 miles, it's captivating fishing harbours, gorgeous beaches and pounding surf to name a few. From a culinary point of view we have the traditional Cornish pasty and of course the delicious cream tea. The amazing Bodmin moor gives us wilderness, Tintagel gives us legends, Isles of Scilly gives us stunning wildlife.  There is so so much more....

Surfers enjoying a few waves at Polzeath...

The natural landscape of Cornwall is truly stunning and I have so many favourites as you can see from my collection. 

Godrevy Lighthouse with it's stunning ocean of blues. If you're lucky you may even sea dolphins swimming around the lighthouse. You will always of course see seagulls in Cornwall!! Seagulls and Cornwall go hand in hand although many consider them pesky birds, I actually love them, hence so many in my pics! 

St Ives is very special.  The quality of the light here has inspired many artists for generations and that's why so many live here. The beaches, the walks, the art, the shopping and of course the stunning turquoise coastline make this a place you will want to visit again and again.  The colours of this town are so vibrant and I've aimed to capture them in this piece. 

A favourite of mine, Isles Of Scilly. Everyone should go and experience Scilly.  The wildlife, the gorgeous little isles each with their own characteristics, the flowers, the sunshine! In fact, I will be there very soon watching the World Gig Rowing championships which I am told is a spectacular event. 

So this is just a few of the pieces in my collection. All are available as limited edition prints.  I will of course be adding to this collection as I discover beautiful places in this special county.  I'm always keen to hear about people's favourite Cornish spots so please get in touch if there is somewhere you'd like to see in my collection.




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