Hello September...

Hello September...

Oh, my very favourite month of the year. My art naturally takes a turn in September as I respond to the glorious changes in nature and the beautiful colours that begin to emerge. September is the bridge from summer to autumn and I find it magical.. always have. Those bonus late summer hot days we so enjoy before the frosts set in! 

September montage by Jackie Gale

This season is one of change - a time of harvest, a new school term, a new cycle of nature. Endings and beginnings. A natural time to reflect and pause a little before the excitement of festive celebrations begin... dare I say it! 

I am currently working on an autumnal piece for an upcoming exhibition -  I can't share as it can't be revealed until the show opens. I can, however, show you other work inspired by this glorious time of year. 

Burgh Island (Brrr Island) by Jackie Gale, Devon ArtistBurgh Island. One of my favourite places. This one's actually called 'Brrr Island' which hardly seems fair really as autumn is rarely brrr. As you can see the season has influenced this colour palette, the teasel flowers being the champions of the forefront. They come into their own in autumn and these lovely wild plants  always stand out for me with their crispy burnt copper heads. 

Onto some abstract work.. this is 'Dusk'. A celebration of autumn colour but this one has much emphasis on textures. Copper, rich teals and shades of burnt orange gives this piece much vibrancy and the textures add depth, a journey almost. To me it speaks of an autumn walk at dusk.. that special, albeit brief, evening light we enjoy before the clocks go back. 

Dusk by Jackie Gale

This one off original was one of those loose pieces where I simply let the textures run away.... 

People resonate with pieces such as this in very different ways. You may see something entirely different to me and that is the beauty of abstract work. 

It is available to buy. (Please see my Originals collection). 

My classic autumn piece... 

Autumn by Jackie Gale, Textile Artist

A piece I did several years ago (still available as a limited edition print). One of my personal favourites. Not only capturing the season but I also captured real autumn contents for this one! Honesty petals and dried leaves from my own garden went into this original. Seems like only yesterday I created it. Still one of my most popular pieces.  

So a month or two ahead of seasonal work to look forward to. I also look forward, of course, to sharing it with you all... 



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