Helping Our Heroes....

Helping Our Heroes....

I abandoned art for the weekend and instead decided to conquer my fear of 'proper sewing' and make some headwear for our NHS heroes on the front line. Anything to avoid end of year accounts!!!!

I have so much fabric knocking around and it seemed a perfect way to make use of it.  It was good to learn something new at the same time! More than anything it was good to be able to do something to help the amazing carers that are working so hard for us, not to mention the risks they face every day :( 

These jolly caps are the ones that passed quality control - there were many that didn't!! 


Nurses scrub caps by Jackie Gale Artist


Hopefully they will be welcomed by those suffering the discomfort of PPE, especially around the ears! Many of you may know I was once an intensive care nurse myself and as sad as I am not to be there helping my old colleagues and friends, it is lovely to be able to do a little something for them and let them know they are on my mind. 

I guess the next project, of course, will have to be something with a rainbow in it!!! Yes I feel I have to jump on the rainbow train! Unprecedented times calls for unprecedented actions!! 

I hope you are all keeping safe. I will be back again very soon!


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