Henry At Heathrow!

Henry At Heathrow!

I was super delighted to hear that Henry, my red deer, is gracing the walls of the Sheraton Hotel at Heathrow!  He's enjoying a bit of city living! He's in good company too - there's a wonderful selection of fine art on display and I'm extremely happy to be part of it.

I created this little chap a couple of years ago, shortly following an exhibition at Windsor.  I loved the place and I loved the stags. Hence, Henry followed shortly afterwards!

He is currently on display at the Sheraton Hotel as part of an exhibition by London Visual Arts, who took him off my hands a few months ago.  Like all original work, I was sad to see him go but happy that he is being admired in such a fabulous location!

Here's a much better image of the dear boy.

Henry The Stag - Contemporary Textile Art Print by Jackie Gale, Devon ArtistHe's a very popular as a limited edition print actually and there are some left in the edition if you're tempted. 

I don't often create animals and when I do, it's usually cows. Nevertheless, whatever form my characters come in, I get quite attached to them! Henry is no exception! There is just something special and rewarding about creating facial expression as a textile artist.  Firstly, it's quite challenging and certain aspects are particularly intricate.  Eyelashes and facial lines are easier with a paintbrush methinks. However, when you finally reach the stage it appears before you, it's one great feeling and of course the next tricky bit is naming them! Henry was easy! King Henry 1st was the first royal resident of Windsor Castle!

I may create some more characters in the future but for now I've a few sea and landscapes to complete over the coming months, including a few commissions. 

Watch this space! 



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