It's a wrap!!

It's a wrap!!

That's it! My work is done! Time to take a break from art, enjoy some family time and look back on a wonderful year! Of course. I first need to finish the left over mulled wine from today's open studio!! It has been such a fabulous year and I feel it must be celebrated!!! 

Today has been great! I've had lots of lovely visitors and there's been a bustle of festivity around here! I'd say the cutest visitor award has to go to Basil the Shih Tzu! 


Open Studios December 2019 Jackie Gale Textile Art


It is now time though to shut the doors and have a rest! December is always my busiest month and I'm always more than ready to take a break by now. I say a break! I believe I have been tasked to make a very large number of gingerbread Christmas trees once I've locked the studio but I'm sure the break will come!! 

I will return to work officially on the 4th Jan but I have no doubt I will potter around the studio and start prepping some new pieces. I can't help it! My studio is just too close to resist at times!

The most important thing is to spend some time with my family. My daughters love Christmas and my son is home from university and so we are having a complete family Christmas.  Perfect. No work, just play! I will be out and about snapping any flashes of inspiration of course and I may even sketch, should the urge take over! 

My website is open 24/7 as always and any orders will be processed as usual (please allow a little longer for delivery over the festive period). 

The first part of next year will involve lots of exhibition work for my next show in Kingsbridge in April. I'll be busy busy busy creating for that but fortunately I love creating art! 

As well as my wonderful followers and clients, I must thank the wonderful businesses I work with. Bretonside Copy, who do a fab job of creating my prints, Artframe Solution who frame my work, Future Client who run my website and the wonderful galleries who tirelessly promote and sell my art - Mason Laurence Gallery in Dartington and Wildwood Arts in Dartmoor. The Eco Friendly company in Devon publish my greeting cards and they're getting greener and greener!  I've also worked with Identity Fashion in Plymouth who not only exhibit and support my art but style me for many occasions too!! I am so lucky to work with and have the support of so many fantastic people! 

Finally, I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy, peaceful 2020. Thank you all for following, supporting and buying my art. I hope it continues to make you smile :) 


Jackie Gale Textile Art December 2019


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