Hope Cove Art!! All Finished!!

Hope Cove Art!! All Finished!!

I'm delighted that my latest textile art piece is now complete!! Yay!! This one took a while - there was a lot to fit in!!

A busy, vibrant and colourful piece for a busy, vibrant and colourful place. 

Fishing boats, lobster pots, quirky cottages and gulls! And more!! This is the sort of work I love - recreating well loved places where people enjoy living, visiting or holidaying. Hope Cove always seems such a happy place and I wanted this to be a happy piece. I often refer to 'travelling' when I discuss my work and this is one of the pieces where this applies.  I like to think a viewer takes a journey around a piece such as this, enjoying all of the intricate work quirky details, often finding something new when they revisit. 

This piece is available as a limited edition print and the original work is available too. So much texture in this one and I have to say the print has come out beautifully.  I'm delighted to say I've sold No. 1 edition to a lady who has been patiently waiting for me to create this! 

This client opted for an oak frame, which I think works really well with this particular image.  I usually frame my prints in white but there are always alternatives if you prefer different styles.  

I hope you enjoy this latest addition to my Southwest Showcase collection. Here's the link for the limited edition print details https://www.jackiegaletextileart.com/products/hope-cove-art-print-limited-edition

The details for the original are right beside it!! 

My next piece is another SouthWest gem - just a little further South than Hope Cove - and another county!! Oh the suspense!!! 


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