Hope Cove Art Coming Along...!

Hope Cove Art Coming Along...!

Finally I have a chance to crack on with a piece that I've been planning for quite a while! A whole day of creating - bliss!!!

Hope Cove is a gorgeous little village in the South Hams and I've lost track of how many times I've visited and come away with a sketch in my head! 

So I have finally decided to get on with it!! In fact I have been asked many times to recreate this little gem so I'm hoping to make a few people happy with this one!! 

There's so much of interest here to my artist eye and a vast amount of colour and texture to portray.  Hope Cove is made up of two sandy beaches and there are so many rocky areas too which makes it great for exploring as well as the sandcastle fun! Not many coves have so many buildings so close by and such pretty interesting ones too.  Many of you who know my work will know how much I like this work so much!

There's always a lot of activity here including fishing, sailing as well as all of the fun watersports you'd expect to see.  I particularly love the lobster pots and fishing nets telling tales of todays catch and fishing adventures in general.  

As you can see I've almost finished the top part of the piece but there is plenty more to come including of course people enjoying their day out! There will be water, rocks, boats and the odd seagull or two making an appearance at some stage. 

Paddling, picnics, sandcastles and ice creams are just a few of those fun things we associate with a day out at the beach and they will be here.  This picturesque harbour has such a traditional English seaside feel and the pretty buildings and cottages make it feel so warm and welcoming. 

I've been doing a little beach combing too so I'm hoping to use a few bits and pieces I've collected such as shells, rope and smidgins of driftwood. 

I'll let you know when this addition to the SouthWest Showcase collection is complete!! 

If you'd like to see this collection, here's the link!




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