International World Art Day!

International World Art Day!

Today is International World Art Day - a day of universal celebration of art as well as Leonardo Da Vinci's birthday!   All around the world, galleries and museums will be staying open longer, parties will be held as well as special exhibitions celebrating creative awareness.

Without a doubt, art makes the world a happier place, no matter how it is expressed.  I love this image of a 90 year old Czech lady who paints the houses in her village to simply make the place look prettier.  

All artists everywhere are being appreciated today which is wonderful! We must, however, acknowledge the unsung heroes in the art world who enable us artists to do what we love. The galleries who work hard to sell our art, the organisations that support us, the art teachers who are inspiring our children and of course, the people who love and buy our art.

I will end with my favourite quote about art....

''Art should make you think and feel.

It doesn't have to match your couch."

Damali Ayo


 Happy World Art Day and try to see and enjoy some art!





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