Into The Woods...

Into The Woods...

Something new on the art bench!! Here's a little peek inside my forest of silver birch trees.  These have been on my creative 'bucket list' for quite some time...

I adore Betula Pendula as they are officially known. They are just perfect for textiles with their beautiful warty trunks and silver white flaky bark. So much character.  

Silver Birch Trees By Jackie Gale

Autumn is coming (my favourite season as you probably know by now) and this will certainly not escape some glorious seasonal colours. So much more texture to come too, definitely a work in progress.

I've learnt a few facts about these special trees, for example, did you know the Silver Birch is the national tree of Finland? 

Also, interestingly, birch sap is a traditional drink and main ingredient in birch beer. I am trying to source some, for research purposes of course!

Literally hundreds of insect species live upon the birch and is a favourite nesting spot for the uncommon Lesser Spotted Woodpecker! 

Silver birch forests look beautiful throughout all of the seasons, fresh and green in the spring and summer, gloriously golden in the autumn and in the winter the frost brings a whole new level of beauty. 

 birch   birch trees

Birch In Summer

 My silver birch forest is being created for an upcoming exhibition, 'Into The Light' opening in Plymouth on 3rd October. Its a collective exhibition involving eleven artists and it's one I'm very excited about. More to come on this very soon! I'm afraid the grand reveal of this one won't be until the grand opening of the show - sorry folks! I might send another little peek before then!


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