'Just' Back In the Art Studio!!

'Just' Back In the Art Studio!!

Happy New Year lovely people!! Sorry I haven't blogged for a while - decided to have a total switch off and enjoy a bit of time out and catch up with family and friends. I returned to the studio this afternoon  (and there's still a lovely faint whiff of mulled wine!!) and started sorting and preparing for new artwork! I had a wonderful break but it's good to be back!!!! January is usually fairly quiet so I tend to take the opportunity to immerse myself in new pieces. 

I finished this one shortly before Christmas and can finally reveal it now that its settled into its new home!! Beautiful St Just In Roseland (hence my corny post title!!).  This wonderful place is a favourite spot of the lovely lady who commissioned me to create this. A place of special significance, as many commissioned pieces often are. 


St Just In Roseland Textile Art By Jackie Gale


I love the perspective of this piece, the little robin looking down the peninsula... as well as the beautiful church yard. Lots of textile creativity in this one, capturing those hints of tropical green life, so unique to this part of England. 

This piece will be available to buy as a limited edition print in the near future. Please get in touch if you are interested in reserving one. 

For the next couple of months I will be focusing entirely on exhibition work for my Kingsbridge show with Shirley Kirkcaldy. There will be snippets to see but I never like to give tooooo much away. I love surprises!! 

I will keep you posted on work progress of course! 

Wishing you all a fabulous 2020 and I will try to keep it as colourful as the last year!


Textile Art of 2019 - Jackie Gale



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